Mark Govier - Design Engineer

Having gained my Electronics BSc(tech) degree from the University of Wales, Institute of Science and Technology in 1987, I have subsequently worked as an Electronics Design Engineer mainly with communications systems and to a smaller extent in many other fields such as automotive electronics, domestic appliance control systems, integrated home control and community care alarm systems.

In recent years I have become a product manager for the same range of products. Here I am even more responsible for gathering the needs of the market and interpreting these as plans for our future products and strategy.

Current Employment

I have been with Greenlee Communications Limited (formerly known as Tempo Europe Ltd. and before that Chesilvale Electronics Limited) since January 1993. We are a telecommunications test equipment and tools manufacturer, where I am working on new and varied projects to suit many markets worldwide. We work on products for locating cables, identifying conductors within them, diagnosing trouble on those circuits and testing services that are carried on them.

I am responsible for managing a range of products that address the needs of the telecom and cable TV technician. But have also recently worked on our range of Wi-Fi analysers and fibre optic products.

Being part of the larger corporation has allowed me to gain plenty of international experience, collaboration and training. I completed Textron's Six-Sigma Greenbelt scheme and have also attended a very useful "Developing Leadership Excellence" course to help me progress to become a better "leader", of engineers & others in our teams.

Associated with this work is our companies membership of ICMA-tel for whom I our company representative and also host our simple webpage.

Earlier Career

Through a wide and varied graduate training program and further project work carried out with my first employer, AB Electronics (now part of the TT Group), I gained a broad range of design and development experience both in hardware (analogue and digital) and software (microcontroller firmware and high level, protocol and MMI) design and implementation.

Industrial Placement

I spent my industrial placement year (August 1985- August 86) during my degree, at GEC's Hirst Research Centre in Wembley. Here I spent a little time in the ergonomics research lab and most of my time in the Communications Laboratory helping to develop a unit that would allow access to channels in a primary rate ISDN link. This was used in subsequent projects to allow loading trials to be completed on primary rate ISDN switches. Several of which would then be used to load 145Mb/s links.

My final year project whilst at university was an Arbitrary Waveform Generator that could be controlled by a BBC microcomputer. The example that was built easily generated audio frequency waveforms but the principle of phase continuous generation could be applied across all frequency bands, mHz to GHz. This successful project earned me a WINTECH prize (sponsored by the Welsh Development Agency) for an innovative and possibly commercial application of technology.

It is interesting to note that this technique of "Direct Digital Synthesis" (DDS) is now being used by my team in the Analogue Network tester that we are currently developing. But it is now available in an "off-the-shelf" chip and will work up to 25MHz or can be implemented in an FPGA with a small power consumption.

Please send me an e-mail if you have any questions or would like a copy of my full CV.

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